Yung Joc Shamed By Fans After Being Spotted Driving For Rideshare App

Before we get into this, let's be clear: This is not an article shaming anyone for making an honest living. With that being said, let's get to it.

Over the weekend, a video of Yung Joc driving for a rideshare app began making its rounds on social media. The video, which was shared by The Shade Room, was captured by one of the vehicle's passengers, J'Koni, Thursday morning (January 9) in Atlanta.

In the clip, you hear two passengers question Joc, who was driving the vehicle, about his identity. "You sound like somebody I know,” one of the passengers says. The other passenger then asks: “I just wanna ask a question. Are you Young Joc?”

“I think y’all already put that part together,” the 36-year-old rapper replies as he pulls back his hoodie to reveal his identity.

The conversation then takes a turn as J’Koni begins to shame Joc for driving for a rideshare company. “Oh, so you must’ve fell off or something,” she responds.

“I gotta fall off?... I just felt like it was an easy way to get some easy money downtown. I meet people,” Joc says.

Despite his response, J’Koni continues to attempt to clown the former Love & Hip Hop star, saying, "You went from TV to driving pull-up and go."

"I'd rather do this than Uber or Lyft," he admits.

J’Koni, however, continues to job-shame Joc, saying "I'm trying to figure it out. How you Yung Joc and you riding for pull-up and go?"

"I got a question: Is it a problem that I'm Yung Joc and doing this?" he says.

"Not at all," the second passenger says.

"You trying to clown me?" Joc asks before noticing that J’Koni's filming their interaction.

"You wanna do this on your social media to try and clown me," he tells her.

See the video of the interaction below.

Photo: Getty Images

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