Kehlani Falls In Love With 070 Shake In Their 'Melt' Video

070 Shake and Kehlani

Photo: Getty Images

It seems like Kehlani is ready to share her love for 070 Shake with the world. The California singer confirmed their relationship with the rapper in the heartwarming music video for their latest song "melt."

On Wednesday, May 25, Kehlani premiered the video for their song "melt" in support of her new album blue water road. The video, which was directed by both artists, was shot in São Paulo, Brazil and features plenty of intimate moments between them. The vintage-style visuals appear to be compilation of personal footage from the couple's archive and romantic scenes that glorify their love for one another.

"I can’t tell where your hair ends and mine begins, If I ain’t have all these tattoos I would think that it’s your skin," Kehlani sings. "If I move too quick past you, I would think it’s my reflection/Being this close isn’t close enough, You can tell every time we touch."

In the video, we can see the two meet in a café before they embark on their love-filled journey as a couple. The couple truly enjoy each other's company while they make sweet memories in the park, in front of a small chapel and at home. The video is the latest cinematic effort off Kehlani's blue water road album. Previously she dropped off videos for "altar," "little story" and "everything."

The album also features their new song with Justin Bieber "Up At Night." Kehlani recently spoke about working with the JB during their recent interview with Angie Martinez.

"He's really a fan," Kehlani said. "He calls me all the time to be like 'I love what you do for the world.' He be like 'You free right now, sis?' and he's like 'Hey love you. Just wanted to tell you, you're changing the world and what you do is important.' I'm like 'Thank you. Thank you so much.' He's really liked that. I'm sure many, many people have the same experience with him like that's really who he is."

Kehlani also is planning to hit the road to bring their new album to life in major cities across the country. Before they hit up your city, watch Kehlani's new video for "melt" below.

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