Gunna Receives Pep Talk From Diddy After Making His Third Attempt For Bond

Gunna & Diddy

Photo: Getty Images

Gunna is getting advice from Diddy while he awaits a decision about his latest request for bond.

On Saturday, October 1, the Love Records founder posted a video of himself speaking to the DS4EVER rapper while he sits in jail along with Young Thug and other YSL members. Diddy gave Gunna plenty of inspirational advice and offered prayers during their call. In addition to the kind words of encouragement, the Love Records founder also told the rapper to prepare for a comeback.

“I’m praying, man. I’m praying,” Diddy told Gunna.

“Yeah, that’s it," he replied. "They gonna work. I’m doing nothing but preserving myself and keeping my mind together and getting myself right for when I’m back out there.”

"Empower your mind every single second, stay in a high frequency," Diddy continued. "Know that it’s gonna be alright, it’s for a reason that you don’t even know about and just get ready for your return. You got some good time in there to be laser focused and do a lot of positive things and dream big and bold.”

Diddy's call came a couple of days after the rapper's legal team filed a new motion for bond. It's the third attempt to release Gunna, born Sergio Kitchens, since he surrendered to police in May. He stands accused of conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, theft by receiving stolen property, and possession of methamphetamine, hydrocodone, and marijuana with the intent to distribute.

According to Rolling Stone, the Grammy-nominated artist was "dropped from overt act 75." That part of the 56-count indictment refers to an instance in May 2018 where he and Young Thug were stopped for speeding. His lawyers also asserted that the prosecution has yet to provide amble evidence that Kitchens made threats against anyone. If his motion is denied, Gunna will have to stay in jail until his trial begins in January 2023.

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