This Is The Best Grocery Store In Alabama

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A regional grocery store is being credited as the best in Alabama.

Love Food compiled a list of the best grocery stores in every U.S. state, which included Renfroe's Market as the top choice for Alabama.

"Alabama-based Renfore's Market has six stores in the state and is famed for excellent customer service, with staff always on hand and happy to help with anything from locating products to bagging groceries and carrying them out to people’s cars," Love Food wrote. "People love the fact that the family-run store stocks so much regional produce too, from bagged salads to locally raised meats."

Love Food's full list of the best dish in every state is included below:

  1. Alabama- Renfroe's Market
  2. Alaska- IGA Food Cache
  3. Arizona- Mekong Supermarket
  4. Arkansas- Edwards Food Giant
  5. California- Corti Brothers
  6. Colorado- Edwards Right Price Market
  7. Connecticut- Stew Leonard's
  8. Delaware- Byler's Store
  9. Florida- Publix
  10. Georgia- Dekalb Farmers Market
  11. Hawaii- Foodland Farms
  12. Idaho- WinCo
  13. Illinois- Gene's Sausage Shop
  14. Indiana- Saraga International Grocery
  15. Iowa- Hy-Vee
  16. Kansas- Bonito Michoacan
  17. Kentucky- Good Foods Co-Op
  18. Louisiana- The Best Stop
  19. Maine- Hannaford
  20. Maryland- Streets Market
  21. Massachusetts- Market Basket
  22. Michigan- Kingma's Market
  23. Minnesota- Good Grocer
  24. Mississippi- Williams Brothers
  25. Missouri- Cosentino's Market
  26. Montana- Good Food Store
  27. Nebraska- Lincoln Mediterranean Market
  28. Nevada- Great Basin Community
  29. New Hampshire- Ralph's Supermarket
  30. New Jersey- Maywood's Marketplace
  31. New Mexico- Toucan Market
  32. New York- Wegmans
  33. North Carolina- Harris Teeter
  34. North Dakota- Hornbacher's
  35. Ohio- Kroger
  36. Oklahoma- Super Cao Nguyen
  37. Oregon- New Seasons Market
  38. Pennsylvania- Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.
  39. Rhode Island- Dave's Fresh Marketplace
  40. South Carolina- Boulineau's IGA Grocery Store
  41. South Dakota- Sunshine Foods
  42. Tennessee- The Turnip Truck Natural Market
  43. Texas- H-E-B
  44. Utah- Rancho Markets
  45. Vermont- City Market Onion River Co-Op
  46. Virginia- Ellwood Thompson's
  47. Washington- Uwajimaya
  48. West Virginia- The Wild Ramp
  49. Wisconsin- Woodman's Market
  50. Wyoming- Grant Street Grocery and Market

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