Poor Trey Songz is Getting Dragged for Remaking Power's Theme Song!

If you already watched the season premiere of Power ... or even if you didn't ...I am sure you have heard the mess about Trey Songz singing the theme song. As you know, Joe sang Power's theme song since the show first started. 50 decided to make it a little more young and freshen it up by using Trey Songz and A Boogie with the Hoodie on it for this season. Who told him to do that? It seems that NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is feeling this new version. You know the saying, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' I love Trey, but I have to agree. I am definitely feeling the Joe version more, and maybe it's because I have been singing along to that version for the last 5 years.

Is black twitter dragging Trey enough for 50 to reinstate Joe? What do you think?

Just refresh your memory. Check out the original Power theme song with Joe below and then the new remix with Trey songz. What do you think?

You know that black twitter doe not play. They dragged poor Trey Songz and want Joe back! See what they are saying below!

50 Cent has since responded to all the criticism.

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