Update! Trina Explains What Really Happened in Walmart When She Went Off!


Trina spoke to TMZ and explained what really happened in Walmart, the night that she went off on the female shopper. Wrong information had surfaced initially, but we got the tea straight from her mouth! Check it out below.

If you have been following The Diamond Princess Trina's career then you know that she is not the one. One Walmart customer learned that the hard way, and I am assuming that she didn't know who Trina was. While in Walmart, Trina bumped into a woman, and the woman's response to that was, "Watch out, you n*gga b*itch." Who told her to say that?! Trina went AWF AWF! She started screaming in Walmart, cursing that woman out. Not crazy coming from Trina...just saying! Cops were called, and Trina was escorted out of the Walmart.

I would be ok with Trina be escorted IF the woman that used that racial slur was also escorted out or at least spoken to. The cops never spoke to her. That, in my opinion, is a MAJOR problem. It's like saying that it was ok that the woman calked Trina that slur. It's not!

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